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Referral process

Referring clients to Towergate is easy!

Take advantage of the great opportunity to earn additional income by following these few simple steps:

  1. When you speak to your client, establish what policy type they require

  2. Ask them about their current policy and get permission to pass their details to us for a quote

  3. We will contact your client and obtain all of the information we need to provide a quote

  4. Most importantly — we will pay you the commission via BACS or through your network*


Our experienced advisors are able to place business no matter its type - big, small, complicated or straightforward. Here are just a couple of examples where our experience has helped an agent find a solution for their client.

We were approached by an agent; their client was struggling to find a quotation for a commercial property that contained composite panels (not liked by many insurers and typically excluded in a statement of fact or assumptions documents).
The client was constrained by time as well as finding a reasonable quote. They needed cover in place and sent to the lenders within 48 hours otherwise the purchase could have been put into jeopardy.
One of our experience advisors immediately created a comprehensive presentation and sent this to a select panel of insurers. We obtained full terms at a competitive premium within 24 hours.
We also had to meet a co-insurance condition stipulated by the lender. The documentation was sent immediately and the property successfully purchased.
Happy Client, Happy Lender, Happy Agent!

Client referral example provided by Joe De Vivo, Oakhill Mortgages, January 2017


Block of 22 flats with mixed property types (including DSS) which had suffered a loss of £100,000 for damage to underground services. 
The client required a quotation with full subsidence cover. Given the previous claim this would be difficult for most clients to find independently. Using our market knowledge and bespoke relationships with insurers we sourced a quotation which not only included the subsidence, but beat the client’s current quote.

Client referral example provided by David O’Connor, Oyster Financial Planning, January 2017


* Statements direct to introducing firm if Directly Authorised or Openwork, otherwise sent to Network

Our panel of insurers include